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Shareholder Update – March 2020

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Welcome to the March edition of the Ockel shareholder update. In this update we answer frequently asked questions about the Ockel Token. We explain more about the status of exchange platforms, the current value of the Ockel Token and more.

Exchange Platform
To make your shares tradable we are largely dependent on third parties who can set up an exchange. Unfortunately, it is difficult for exchanges to comply with European financial regulations. The rules are often unclear or not yet existing. The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) is currently exploring what is required for the regulation on security tokens. We’re looking forward to the results and are hoping for more clarity from the AFM soon.

Ockel Token Value
At the time of the initial token offering we communicated that the value of the Ockel Token is fixed in the first year. Because the Ockel Token is not yet tradable, the value of your investment remains the same as during the offering. This way we ensure that your investment retains its value. The current value of the Ockel Token is: 1 OKL = 12.5 Eurocents.

How to Check Your Token Balance?
With the Shares Explorer app (for iOS and Android), you can easily see your investment on your smartphone. The app shows how many Ockel Tokens you have in your wallet and what the current value is. Adding your wallet to the app is very easy: Just tap the plus sign in the app and submit your wallet address or scan the QR code.

Keep informed with the Ockel Newsletter
We noticed that some shareholders haven’t received updates from us in the past months. There was an issue with our newsletter subscription, leading to some shareholders not receiving any updates. We fixed this and want to apologize to those that had been affected. If you missed a previous update, please visit our news section to read them.


We hope this update has brought clarity and we aim to send more shareholder updates in the future. We’re happy to answer any questions you still might have. Feel free to send us an email to [email protected].

Thank you for your continuing interest and support.
The Ockel Team