Ockel Investments

Shareholder Update – January 2019

Welcome to the first Ockel Shareholder Update of 2019! In this update we will brief you on what we’ve been up to in January and we’ll share our very first tutorial in anticipation of the Ockel token distribution.

Ockel Token Distribution

Together with our partner Byelex, we have been working around the clock to make the distribution of the Ockel tokens a reality. We’ve currently pinned the end of Q1 in our roadmap as a solid deadline to finalize the distribution process for existing investors.
In the coming months we will update you with tutorials on how to prepare yourself for the Ockel token distribution.

Creating Your Ethereum Wallet

This month we’re happy to tell you more about how to set-up an ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet. If you currently do not yet have a wallet, please make sure to read & follow our tutorial.